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Music songs are here to inspire young and old, who want's to listen to good self- homemade music songs. Some music songs you can recognize from the early days. From Blues music, Rock music, Pop music, Rap music till Clasic music and Game tunes. Music Tune makes custome made music songs, digital music sounds and music tunes.

Game Tunes

Game tunes are made to create optimal gaming experience during a gameplay. Music Tune makes the best music game tunes. Music Tune makes from your old gaming tune a new fresh strong but still recognizable game tune. We are one of the best in the gaming and sound industry, specialized in custom made digital game sounds and music game tunes.


Music Tune by G. Poldner

Custom Made Music

Music Song Service

We are dedicated, have passion for music, so you can listen to music songs and tunes.

Game Tune Service

Game tunes are made to improve our listening and skills when we are playing games.

Best Music Songs & Tunes

Songs and tunes are there to give you peace and harmony inside your heart and head :)

Soundtracks & Tunes

Music songs and game tunes custom made by Music Tune, listen and enjoy.
  • Game tune: The Legend of Zelda custom made by Music Tune, artist G. Poldner.
  • Game tune: Dark world orchestrated and re-mastered by Music Tune, artist G. Poldner.
  • Soundtrack: On the verge by Music Tune. artist G. Poldner.